Who knows why, but several weeks back, in an ill-informed moment of bravado, I decided I would draw 1000 cartoons. At least one a day I promised myself until 1000 were done.

Of course it seemed like a great decision then, in the comfort of my house, with plenty of time and sleep – the glow of a fresh idea keeping me buzzing.

Now, after a 6 hour volcano hike on day three of a yoga retreat, the idea seems, well, a lot less fresh and exciting.

But regardless, and despite my overwhelming urge to fall into sleepy abyss, I continue on with my goal. Roll on cartoon 26 (974 still to go – but of course I’m not counting.)

Peace and hugs to all you tired creators out there.

Daily life, Inner world stuff

Tired rat (drawn by an even tireder artist)


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