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Zen multitasking


5 thoughts on “Zen multitasking

  1. Oh this stupid phone! I meant to say “I love,” not “I life love” or whatever extra words this evil device put in there. I swear, if the dark lord Sauron ever made “one phone to rule them all” I probably found it. Let’s see if it adds any words this time…

      • Perhaps his need to dominate all life is the result of his inability to accept his own limits. Or rather, his inability to realize that all separations are illusory. Some serious zen meditation might’ve helped him to accept his limitations, embrace the fact that he and all other living things are the same (and hence there is no need to dominate it), or both.

        There’s also a chance that he would’ve just killed his guru, though.

  2. control over his life (by trying to ‘suceed’ at being zen), but that he’s not really aware of what he’s doing. I think that’s the interesting aspect of doing meditation when you don’t really understand the underlying point of it…it ends up leading you in a completely different direction to what you had intended. I have to say – your last point is hilarious though 🙂

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