Today’s cartoon is inspired by fellow blogger Esther‘s question: what is the most difficult criticism you have received? As a creator, my biggest challenge is the gap between my perceptions of what I create and the feedback I get.

Sometimes I’ve made something that I’m sure will touch and inspire my readers, and it’s a dud from the feedback perspective. Then other times, I’m rushed and just put out a simple piece, and people love it!

So I need to continually challenge myself to create pieces regardless of how they are received and find happiness in the act of creating – knowing that it all evens out in the end.

Hugs and happiness to all the Happy Rats out there busy creating.




Connection, Inner world stuff

The bittersweet bubble


One thought on “The bittersweet bubble

  1. Sameer Bhangar says:

    I can vouch from experience that what you say is quite true. And seems to hold for this bubble called Me as well.

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