The Cabbage Patch Rat, The Happy Rat, Sarah Hunt


The Cabbage Patch Rat

Jokes, silliness, and cartoons — more gold from the Happy Rat.


Rat Bodybuilding finals, The Happy Rat, Sarah Hunt

Health, Making change

Rat Bodybuilding finals

Backstage at the National Rat Bodybuilding finals.


Five hour delay, The Happy Rat, Sarah Hunt

Why is it that when you’re waiting in an airport, time takes on an eternal quality? It’s as if you’re stuck in a vortex containing only packaged candy, overpriced books, and blaring announcements about a woman who is about to miss her flight to Boston 😉


Five hour delay


Dating motivation wheel, The Happy Rat, Sarah Hunt

Relationships, Whimsical

Dating motivation wheel

The wheel of dating motivations — little cheeky cartoon on what it’s like out there in the dating jungle 😉


Love at 15, The Happy Rat, Sarah Hunt

Do you remember this? I do! It’s the ‘I like you, but I don’t, but I do, but I don’t’ love of the teenage years. What fun 🙂

Connection, Relationships

Love at 15


Cinco de Mayo not 5 de mayo, The Happy Rat, Sarah Hunt

Happy Cinco de Mayo wherever you are!


Cinco de Mayo not 5 de mayo


Robust, oaky, moist, The Happy Rat cartoon


Robust, oaky, moist

Another fun cartoon from The Happy Rat about the lighter sides of life.