Rat Bodybuilding finals, The Happy Rat, Sarah Hunt

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Rat Bodybuilding finals

Backstage at the National Rat Bodybuilding finals.


Graveyard sadness, The Happy Rat, Sarah Hunt

A Monday musing on love and loss.

Inner world stuff

Graveyard sadness

A thought provoking cartoon about life from The Happy Rat.


Stop being small and vulnerable, The Happy Rat cartoon


Stop being small and vulnerable

Another thought inducing cartoon about wisdom from The Happy Rat cartoon blog.


Keep paddlin', The Happy Rat cartoon

Making change

Keep paddlin’


Would anyone like to chat

Something that really gets to me is technology addiction. I find it really sad when I see families and groups of friends sitting together on their phones. Connection is one of the most important things that makes us human, and by unconsciously using technology, we are giving that up for an attention filler that has no deep substance.

Connection, Relationships

Would you like to chat?


Think my way out of a broken heart, The Happy Rat cartoon

We’ve all tried this method to fix a broken heart!

Making change, Relationships

Thinking myself out of a broken heart


Vegan fishing, The Happy Rat cartoon


Vegan fishing